Professional Hair Removal VS Home Hair Removal

Is Professional Hair Removal Better Than Home Hair Removal?

Is it possible that you are wasting your money by going to a professional for hair removal? Studies show that you can get the same results at home when you use the correct hair removal device as you can and save a ton of money too.

There is a home device that is not only FDA approved but dermatologists and plastic surgeons give the thumbs up of approval. Keep reading for more information.

Features of Home Hair Removal

Home hair removal is not only cheaper but is also FDA approved for safety and effectiveness. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons both recommend home hair removal. Choosing to remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home allows you to make your own schedule not live by when your professional informs you that they have an opening.

  • Recommended and tested by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

  • FDA approved for safety and effectiveness

  • Minimal setup with quick, clean, and simple hair removal treatments

  • 2 trips to the spa to have this done and you own the machine to use any time you like.

  • Fast treatments, within 15 to 20 minutes a female can have her legs done and a male can have his chest done.

  • Uses patented Home Pulsed Light Technology (HPL).

  • Less painful than laser or electrolysis treatments.

  • Dependable long term hair removal

  • Easy to use, just place on your skin and pull the trigger.

  • Fast results. See results in as little as 4 treatments.

  • Features of Professional Hair Removal

    Professional hair removal is much more expensive and usually done in an office. You can buy a professional unit to use at home but at a much greater cost than a unit made for home use. Having to make appointments for hair removal is inconvenient for most people with their busy lifestyles, which is why many people turn to the convenience of home removal.

  • Although not mandatory some professional hair removal specialists have been professionally trained.

  • It is done at an office so if anything goes wrong you can fall back on the office that did the treatments.

  • You can buy a professional unit to use at home.

  • Using the professional hair remover at home is convenient for busy on the go people.

  • Can be used by both men and women.

  • Can be used on small or large body areas.

  • Results in the permanent destruction of follicle tissues.

  • Hair removable is irreversible.

  • How Are They The Same?

    Whether you choose to remove your unwanted hair professionally or at home there are some things that both have in common.

    Both home hair removal and professional hair removal will remove unwanted hair.
    Both are less painful than laser and electrolysis treatments.
    You will see results with both relatively quickly.
    Regardless of how you choose to remove your unwanted hair both are going to cost you money.
    If bought for home use then both are convenient to use on your own time constraints.

    How Are They Different?

    While they both have a common output there are plenty of differences between the two.

    There is quite a large price difference between the two.
    Home hair removal is made for home use and is safe as well as effective for home use.
    Home hair removal is much easier and convenient to use.

    Why Should You Buy The SensEpil Home Hair Removal?

    Choosing to remove your unwanted hair with a home hair removal system is by far the best choice. Not only can you use it at your own convenience but you will save money. You can have your home hair removal device paid for in just a matter of a couple of treatments.

      What Will You Choose?

    Will you choose to remove your unwanted hair from home or will you still spend the money to have it done professionally? For the price of a couple of sessions you can own the machine to use whenever you like.

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