10 Minute Decluttering Projects

So many people get overwhelmed with the thought of decluttering. These 10 minute decluttering projects can help you get you started and take some of the pressure off of you. They are small fast projects so even the busiest of people can take 10 minutes out of their day to accomplish one task.
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6 Decluttering Tasks You Can Do In Less Than 10 Minutes
Choose the one room that bothers you the most. Then in that one room what is the one thing that bothers you the most? Choose that one thing and declutter or organize it.
By choosing just one thing in one room to declutter and organize you will soon see that you can make progress with just 10 minutes a day. I use this technique for my living room everyday. With 5 kids it is hard to keep it clean let alone organized but in just 10 minutes a day I can have everything picked up and put away.

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